Bear hugs for all.

Big Bear HugNicholas Oldland takes the big bear hug literally in his new picture book, Big Bear Hug.  The illustrations are utterly adorable as the bear finds various things and animals to hug.  I found myself gushing with “awws”  throughout the entire book.  The cover features the bear hugging a pine tree and somehow Oldland makes the tree look incredibly squishy and cozy.  It made me want to go out and hug the neighboring pine tree.  I did.  It was a bit scratchy.  I might skip trying to hug the next bear I see, but Oldland sure makes it tempting.

Big Bear Hug Page ABig Bear Hug B

Age Group: 3+
Genre: Illustrated Picture Book
Themes: Environmental, Love, Nature, Animals
Publisher: Kids Can Press
Reading Level: 2.5


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One response to “Bear hugs for all.

  1. Doppelganger

    I understand completely where all those “awwws!” are coming from! Just the cover itself is so adorable and the surprised expression on the moose’s face is just hilarious! I’m all for hugs myself, despite all the flu viruses making the rounds! So I’m sending out a virtual bear hug to you for reviewing this book. I’d definitely get it for my son and then secretly, just enjoy it myself! 😉

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