Little Brother is Watching

A Guest Review by Nōn Talbot Wels – Check out his blog about writing and other book-related tidbits, A Thousand Screaming Rabbits

Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother is a tech and geek heavy aggrandizement of the right to free speech, thought and personal freedom, set in a world that seems almost dystopian.

But it’s not, tragically.

This world is one of Patriot Act, post-9/11, nanny-statism. It’s a world of George W. yee-haw interventionism. It’s a world in which the young, the technologically savvy, the progressive fight back against the oppressive, collectivist, bureaucrats.

One such young “techno-geek” is Marcus Yallow. A mere high school kid, Marcus, and a few of his friends, get caught up in the midst of a terrorist attack where they, by circumstance, are called in for questioning. Days later, he is let go. To them, to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), to the police state and their guns, Marcus is part of the problem.

What the DHS doesn’t know, however, is that Marcus- and the hundreds of thousands of kids, students, individuals, Americans like him- is no push-over. Impassioned and eager to get to the truth, Marcus fights back.

*      *      *     *     *

Little Brother excels at defining what it means to be an individual, ever questioning, ever seeking, ever yearning, in a world that consistently encumbers those innate freedoms. It is wonderfully empowering, exciting and exemplary.

Age Group: 13+
Genre: Young Adult Book, Teen
Themes: Civil Rights, Counterculture, Terrorism, Computer Hackers
Publisher: Tor Books
Reading Level: 5.9



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6 responses to “Little Brother is Watching

  1. Kim

    Just in case the book sounds like it is for boys, my very female daughter LOVED it! It would make a great Christmas gift!

  2. Ah, yes. Here I am, a boy geeking-out for the benefit of other boys. But it is definitely great for young adults of all ages! 🙂

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