A Journey Worth Taking

Instructions Cover.jpg

Once again Neil Gaiman has made me feel a tingling sensation of fantastical excitement with his newest picture book, Instructions. What I mean when I say that is this: Neil Gaiman is a master of fantasy and storytelling. I look forward to every written word he releases into the world, even his journal musings at his website.

Instructions can now join the ranks of Neil Gaiman’s masterpieces. The story is not quite a traditional story. It is more a set of instructions, quite literally. The text can be read as initiatives to act and advice to follow as you, the reader, or the large cat, featured in the illustrations, make your way through the fantastical world Gaiman creates. The pictures, by Charles Vess, are splendid. They capture the whimsy and detail such a fantasy requires. While reading, I imagined myself as the three musketeer like cat, traveling through a strange new world and eventually finding myself home again. This book is perfect for any child and every adult who privileges the imagination and realizes the power of a journey and a story.

Enjoy this book preview narrated by Neil Gaiman himself!! There are more of these lovely videos and tidbits on Mr. Bob’s Remarkable Mouse Circus: The Official Neil Gaiman Website for Young Readers.

Age Group: 5 and up – Perfect for adults graduating or embarking on an adventure
Genre: Illustrated Book
Themes: Storytelling, Fantasy, Adventure, Journey
Publisher: Harper, Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers



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3 responses to “A Journey Worth Taking

  1. Well said. I’m going to go read it now!

  2. Doppelganger

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! For recommending this book. Saw the cover out of the corner of my eye while I was picking out books about potty training and I said to myself: “Hey, you’re going to need something special just for yourself during these difficult times ahead.” Enter the most perfect book ever written to help out during a journey, any journey.

    Favorite page: Winter’s realm; which turns out to be strangely city-like! And of course, the red metal imp that’s supposed to be a knocker. I might get one of those when I buy my own place.

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