Dystopian Young Adults

I have been considering writing a blog about the dystopian young adult novel, however, The New Yorker beat me to it.  Check out this interesting article “Fresh Hell” by Laura Miller.  To come soon will be a review about the book Incarceron by Catherine Fisher, which Miller mentions in her article.

This image is from The New Yorker article.



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2 responses to “Dystopian Young Adults

  1. I love dystopian fiction! Which are you looking forward to most: Mockingjay or The Scorch Trials?

  2. Good question. I don’t know if I can choose between the two. I am excited for Mockingjay because this will be the final book, but The Scorch Trials is only the second one which will mean a lot of action and excitement, however, then I will have to wait a whole year for the third! Ug! I can’t choose.

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