Author & Illustrator Shaun Tan

Shaun Tan has some of the most amazing illustrations.  His graphic depiction of immigration in the book The Arrival is stunning and intensely imaginative.  We Heart Books Blog posted some great information about Shaun Tan’s latest animated project, The Lost Thing (based on his illustrated book by the same name).  Here is a preview:

I hope to get this on DVD in the States.  Also, check out this site and video about Tan’s creative process,


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One response to “Author & Illustrator Shaun Tan

  1. Greg

    A thought-provoking approach to children’s lit. deserves to be revisited. Books are often a first encounter with social consciousness
    to a developing mind. Helpful in that the older reader then would discuss the topic to a naturally curious mind.
    As an aspiring and needed author yourself this is a good example of how
    not to patronise a reader’s intelligence.You’ll be read and remembered on your merits.

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