The Books of Elsewhere

Summer is coming to an end while school days, a Southern California fall (that means just hot wind), and Halloween begin creeping back into every child’s and parent’s psyche.  What better way to end a summer and head into the fall than with Jacqueline West’s book, The Books of Elsewhere: The Shadows.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book!  The Shadows features a young girl named Olive.  When Olive’s family move into their newly bought home she starts noticing strange shadows that move across the paintings.  Her parents, who are quite mathematical in every aspect, accuse her of having an over-active imagination.  Olive explores the old home, which still contains all of the previous owners belongings (the paintings included).  Eventually, Olive discovers a pair of spectacles that allow her to travel into the paintings!  Morton, a boy from one of the paintings, tries to convince Olive that he is a real person and not part of the painting.  Her mission in the story is to discover the truth behind the house, the paintings, and the three talking cats.

Jacqueline West marries the mystery and the ghost story perfectly in The Shadows without it being too scary for younger readers.  The book includes awesome illustrations, by Poly Bernatene, which help to entice the more reluctant readers and contribute to the overall story.

Age Group: 8 and up
Genre: Middle Grade Reader
Themes: Haunting, Fantasy, Magic, Ghost Stories
Publisher: Dial Books for Young Readers, imprint of Penguin Group



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4 responses to “The Books of Elsewhere

  1. This sounds like an adorable story…I have a thing for that middle grade level! ;-p

  2. Fantastic idea! I look forward to reading this one.

  3. Doppelganger

    It has talking cats? I love talking cats. The Cheshire cat is the reason I first fell in love with Alice in Wonderland. Definitely giving this one a read. Thanks!

  4. I`v read this book already and it is awesome.I read the first line and i was already interested.Now i want to read it again!!!

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