The Super Awesome Illustrator Series: Il Sung Na

Il Sung Na continues to produce beautiful picture books.  He paints the world and animals with swirls and intricate designs and I can’t help but wish I saw the world like this author/illustrator.  His newest book, Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit: A Book of Changing Seasons, reveals to the reader the lovely changes from winter to spring.  Even bare winter is vibrant with swirling colors.

Not only does Il Sung Na create beautiful images but his text is equally terrific.  In The Thingamabob a curious elephant finds a thingamabob (an object that looks quite familiar to us).  The elephant tries to discover the purpose of such an object, trying out different possibilities – like flying or sailing.  It is not until it rains that the elephant realizes exactly what such an object is suited for.  It is a story of wonderment and investigation.

Don’t forget to check out his other equally beautiful picture book, A Book of Sleep!

Age Group: 1 and up
Genre: Picture Books
Themes: Night, Sleep, Spring, Winter, Thingamabobs
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers (imprint of Random House)


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  1. Such beautiful illustration. Great write up!

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