Picture Books Galore

I don’t think Janet A. Holmes and Jonathan Bentley could have written a more touching story.  Have You Seen Duck? tells the tale of a small boy and his soft, woolly, yellow, raggedy duck.  He does everything with Duck and he reiterates that Duck needs him, but when Duck goes missing the boy realizes he needs Duck just as much.  The illustrations are adorable all the way down to the little boy’s toes.

Ten Birds by Cybele Young is a stunning counting picture book.  Through exquisite pen-and-ink drawings Cybele tells the tale of ten birds crossing a bridge.  Each bird has a clever name like, “Quite Advanced” or “Needs Improvement” which seems to define their personal ingenuity.  However, not every name lives up to its bird.  Sometimes the simplest method will work just fine.

For an inventive ABC book try For the Love of Dogs: An A-to-Z Primer for Dog Lovers of All Ages written by Allison Weiss Entrekin and illustrated by Mark Anderson.  This book is utterly adorable!  The illustrations of dogs captures each breed and their personality perfectly.  Not to mention, each page is filled with helpful information and facts about dogs and breeds.  This is a must have for dog lovers!

Look A Book!: A Zaney Seek-and-find Adventure by Bob Staake is quite frankly ZANEY!  With pages full of cartoonish drawings and crazy happenings, the book kept me entertained throughout.  Staake uses a clever tactic of cut outs and holes throughout the book in order to teach young readers and listeners the joy of rhyming words and finding pictures.  And who doesn’t like stories that include planes, dinosaurs, elephants, and robots – just to name a few.

Note: While I am now 30 I still appreciate the quirkiness and intrigue of being 5, 8, and 12 – basically I am a giant kid and insist on never growing up or out of books.

Age Group: 2 and up
Genre: Picture Book
Themes: Seek and Find, Counting, Dogs, Relationships



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2 responses to “Picture Books Galore

  1. I love a good picture book about dogs, though it sounds like this alphabet one is more of a non-fiction book. Our non-fiction pet section is pretty full, I’ll have to look it up.

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