iPhone + Oliver Jeffers = Love

Me and my iPhone - Buddies for life!

I have finally been accepted into the iPhone club (a not so elite group of giddy iPhone owners)!  For my birthday last month my loving family and husband all chipped in to get me the iPhone 4 for Verizon.  I am very excited to have this little piece of electronic heaven.  Not just because the iPhone is amazing, but also because I ordered/made a most amazing case for it through Cafe Press.  It features one of my favorite illustrated books, Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers.  Check out this previous blog review, Everything Jeffers.  If you are an iPhone user then check out Cafe Press and make your own iPhone case.  I love, love, love mine.

Note:  If you do order a case like this then I recommend using a black magic marker around the edges of the camera lens hole (of the case, not the phone!).  Do this before putting the phone into the case so you don’t accidentally marker on the phone.  This will make your pictures look lovely instead of washed out from the reflected flash.


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