Giveaways are Crazy – Andrew Smith

Thank you to all that participated in the last Giveaway Schmiveaway!  Now it is time for the new one!!!

This Giveaway is a doozy:  Win a signed Andrew Smith book!!

This contest allows for three winners who will be picked randomly.  Enter into the contest by being a subscriber and get an additional entry by posting a comment (or comments) from now until December 10th!!!  The more comments the more entries!

Check out Non’s review of Ghost Medicine and soon there will be a review of Stick.  If you haven’t read anything by Andrew Smith then you are seriously missing out on some amazing storytelling.  Now is the time give him a try.



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9 responses to “Giveaways are Crazy – Andrew Smith

  1. Oh, Jessica, this is great! I can always use more of Andrew for my classroom library. You are a Rocking Awesome Goddess.

  2. Charles DeMoss

    Oooh, signed books… I already have STICK and GHOST MEDICINE, but I still need IN THE PATH OF FALLING OBJECTS.

  3. Annie Moore Books

    Ooh! I love Andrew Smith! What a fantastic giveaway!

  4. Doppelganger

    I just finished The Marbury Lens! Awesome book. I can’t wait to read more of Andrew Smith. I’m learning from you that YA books can be incredible for us oldies too. Thank you for all your recommendations!

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