Oliver Jeffers’ New Book, Stuck, & The Giveaway Schmiveaway

Have I mentioned that I love EVERYTHING JEFFERS!!  Well, I do.  Recently, Non and I got the chance to meet Oliver Jeffers at the SCIBA Author Feast and Trade Show in Long Beach, California.  It was fantastic! Jeffers spoke and presented a slide show about his life that was perfectly him and hilarious.  It read like one of his picture books and the audience was enthralled.  Afterward, Oliver Jeffers was kind enough to sign my iPhone case which has an image from another one of his books, Lost and Found.

Me, Oliver Jeffers, Non

My signed iPhone Case

We also received his newest book, Stuck!

Stuck is amazing!  The book is about a boy named Floyd who gets his kite stuck in a tree.  Well, naturally, Floyd throws his shoe into the tree to knock down the kite, then his other shoe to knock down his shoe, then Mitch the cat gets tossed up in order to get the shoe down, and, in proper Jeffers humor, Floyd fetches a ladder which he chucks into the tree to get Mitch out.  The result is, as you would imagine, a whole lot of stuff stuck in a tree.

My new Giveaway Schmiveaway is a SIGNED copy of Oliver Jeffers’ book, The Way Back Home!!!  It is a great book about two unlikely allies trying to find their way home.

Enter to win by subscribing to Read Schmead and by posting comments. Every current and new subscriber is entered into the contest automatically. If you happen to leave comments on posts then those will count as additional entries. Winners will be picked randomly.

All Jeffers Books:

Age Group: Embryo and up
Genre: Picture Book, Friendship, Home
Themes: Family, Friendship
Publisher: Philomel Books, Division of Penguin Young Readers Group



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12 responses to “Oliver Jeffers’ New Book, Stuck, & The Giveaway Schmiveaway

  1. Rich

    Your blog is fantastic! You are making the world a better place by sharing all of these great books with us. Keep up the great work!

  2. Every time I come here to visit I smile and my heart eases. Thank you for fighting the good fight and sharing your joy!

  3. I wonder how Floyd even got the whale… Or the big ship…
    Nice post!

  4. Jessica, so glad to have made the acquaintance of you and your superblog. I am jealous that you met Oliver Jeffers and he signed your iphone case. Cheers! My fingers are crossed about this giveaway so I may own his signature as well. 🙂

  5. Doppelganger

    Yayy! More Oliver Jeffers! I love that you recommend his books for “Embro and up.” So true! And so few books are! Can’t wait to read Stuck to Zayn.

  6. I love love love everything Jeffers too! I have his “nut biology” on my desktop and I love every single book he imagined/made/created/illustrated…

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